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Posted by on Jan 14, 2013 in Croatia, Europe, Latest Posts | 15 comments

5 reasons to head to Split, Croatia this European summer.

I know it may be a little early to start thinking about summer if you are in the Northern hemisphere but what else are you going to do while us in the south enjoy ours? I figure if you aren’t snowboarding right now you may as well be planning your European summer and what better place than Split, Croatia?

Here’s 5 reasons to put Split, Croatia on your summer vacation list.


1. The Beaches

Like the rest of the mediterranean, Split possesses some of the most idyllic beaches you will find. From old town Split, there are many beaches only a short walk away and they provide beautiful views of the islands. Many of the beaches have sun chairs and umbrellas but can be expensive to hire so if you have your own it is worth bringing along. I was in Split in June and the large crowds had not yet arrived, the weather was still warm but I’m sure July and August would have had even hotter days. The trade-off I guess would be the crowds.


Beaches in Split


2. Historical Split

Old town Split is like all the other coastal cities of Croatia providing beautiful old buildings and narrow winding lane ways rich in history. One can admire the many old archways or shop for a cravat (neck tie) which was invented in Croatia. Split has such a beautiful historic district where one can spend a hot day getting lost in the maze of cool shady streets.


Historic Split

Historic Split

Historic Split


3. The price

Sadly most of us are not loaded like Mark Zuckerberg or Katy Perry and consideration of our budget is required. Luckily Croatia is on place in the mediterranean which is relatively cheap. Croatian apartments can be rented for very little (~60EURO) a night and provide more space and comfort than hotels and obviously backpackers can be found for much less. Food, coffee and water are also cheap provided you stick to the non-tourist areas and back streets. Funnily enough this is where the best food is also found!


Historic Split

Split, Croatia


4. The Markets

Entering the historic district of Split small tunnels containing markets provide interesting wares from handmade jewellery to artwork. The markets are a definite highlight of Split and unlike other markets of the world, the sellers are friendly and polite and allow you to casually peruse without hassle. Being set in the old tunnels of the historic area also makes the markets a great place for photography.


Split markets

Historic Split


5. The Vibe

Split still has a small town vibe and the locals are friendly and fairly laid back. From relaxing on the beach and working on your tan to strolling through the back streets to find the perfect pizza Split has the feeling of being stress free. If you want to forget all your problems, Split is the place to be.

Split, Coatia

Historic Split


Split, Croatia

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    • Great stuff Ioanna, you aren’t to far away either 🙂

  1. I actually need two reasons to visit Croatia – the beaches and cheap prices. The rest is less important. I’ve heard Croatia is the cheapest beach holiday destinations in Europe. Most of my friends go there every summer. Lovely photos Ardun!

    • It definitely is the place for you Agness! You will love it 🙂

  2. Wow! Croatia has been on my Bucket List for a bit too long and just looking at your gorgeous photos make me want to go there…NOW 😉

    It is still an affordable destination and I will make sure I visit next time I go to the old continent!

    The beach looks great!

    You captured the spirit of the city beautifully 😉

    • Thanks K! I think it is time to cross it off the list. I loved Croatia and the fact it is cheap and has great beaches was a bonus. 🙂

      • Love love the beach! If you have more pics of the beaches in Croatia send me the link.

        I’ll probably stare at them and daydream 😉

    • In the old historical district of Split. I think the market was in the tunnels on the ocean side of the district if that makes sense. Let me know if you find it.

      • I found it ardun! I created a blog from my days walk about today . It’s called let us split for valentines lol . I tried to capture the basement tunnel as you did but sigh no luck . I need more training lol. I’m using my old canon rebel now . I had it shipped to me after reading your blog and taking your advice 🙂 when finances pick up , I will consider the camera you use .

        • I love the name for your post Tash! I’m so happy you found it, I thought it was a pretty cool market. Can’t wait to see your upcoming posts. I think the rebel will take some good shots even in low light, the trick is to switch to manual mode and increase the ISO and make sure the camera is stable (like on a bench top or tripod). Hope that helps 🙂

  3. One more reason for getting more convinced that I have to make it to the Balkans this year, before it gets way too crowded. I call myself a traveller, but here’s Europe in my backyard and a huge part of it I’ve barely seen yet. Nice pictures, nice post and most importantly, a nice blog.

    • Thanks Pal. I’m happy you stopped by and that I’ve convinced you to explore more of your backyard. You are so lucky to live on that side of the world with so much at your doorstep. Happy travels 🙂

  4. Split is fabulous… although I do have to add that you should stay clear of Dalmatia in July and August. I went to Makarska in July once, and another year to Dubrovnik in August, and both cities were so crowded it was hard to take – let alone the beaches. I couldn’t even lay down my towel bundled up, let alone spread it out for sunbathing. May is perfect, June and September should be brilliant as well. I love your photos. They make me want to go right back!

    • Yes I can imagine the park of summer would be very busy. We were lucky to miss the big crowds in June and the weather was still fantastic! Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by. Don’t we all wish we could spend every summer somewhere like this! 🙂

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