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Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 in Book News, General | 4 comments

Book News: Boon Dockers reader reviews.


About six months ago I released my first novel Boon Dockers: A journey through America one Walmart at a time. The book at this stage has only been promoted by myself and a few awesome fellow blogger friends of mine as I had no time to look for a publisher so close to our current overseas trip. I am planning to go in search of a reputable publisher when Jen and I return home but in the meantime have been overwhelmed by the kind words I have received on Facebook, the blog and Amazon reviews. So here are the reviews so far which I would like to share from you, which have come from Canada, the US, Australia and even Germany! Thanks to these readers for the encouragement and positive feedback and know that there will be another book in the making for our travels here in South America.


Kindle cover2.2 copy


Gypsy Woman says:

“Boon Dockers is a fresh new take on what might seem an already “been there, done that” travel experience. Ardun Ward looks at the experience from the perspective of an outsider, he is after all an Aussie, looking anew at the American landscape and the fascinating characters he meets. His descriptions of his fellow travelers and some of the people fixtures in various towns and cities are poignant and funny. I just love his writing style.

On a more practical note the book is stuffed with tips on how to do things on a shoe string budget and it also takes you to lots of quirky places which you might drive by and miss out on. It is worth your time and money.”


Alison Wong says:

“This book was a great light-hearted read that takes you on an intimate and personal vacation across parts of the US that you’ve never thought to visit before, but definitely need to! It’s a reminder that, with all the hype of European and Asian vacation destinations, there are amazing things to see and people to meet right in our own continent. It’s funny, witty and breaks and confirms tons of US and Aussie stereotypes, and it’s definitely given me ideas on planning my next vacation to the US.”



Hannah says:


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this travel account. It has changed the way I had always thought about America and made it move up on my travel-list. The book is funny and interesting at the same time. Who knew there are albino alligators? I really hope there will be a book about their South America travels as well quite soon!



Jammin says:


Written in a very naturalistic style, this story of a young couple’s road trip through the USA is inspiring. It paints a fascinating picture of a country that we think we know through movies and TV, but still contains surprises.



Gruz says:


Would recommend for anyone who loves travel, travel writing, or is interested in experiencing the states from an unusual angle. If you’re planning a trip to the US and looking to put together an itinerary, even if you’re not boon docking, this book is for you.



Christine Tearne says:


Thoroughly enjoyed this book, what an adventure, felt like I was there with them. Thank-you for sharing it with the world.



Edith Nelson says:


I felt as if I was on the trip with them. It is writen in a very natural way. I would recommend it to any one travelling on a shoe string.



Tasha Che says:


As a fellow traveler, I certainly know what living on the road feels like. At times, I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was actually reading this book and not reliving certain thoughts and travel moments. Ardun ward, the guy with the V8 engine name, is very funny in his writing style, yet able to capture you into his world of couple travel. I really enjoyed this book which made for easy reading and lightened my days that felt too heavy to deal with. I can’t wait until Ardun comes up with another travel memoir. I am secretly hoping that I will meet him along that route to be included in his next book. Well done Ardun! Love the fact that you speak of your wife with such endearment. Rarely found. Keep it up 🙂


Thanks again to these reviewers it means the world to me to hear your thoughts on my book and helps other potential readers get more of an idea about Boon Dockers.


If you have not yet read Boon Dockers and think a road trip through America might be a book you are interested then there is a free sample which can be found on Amazon. Or alternatively you can find the full e-book here for only $2.99!


Thanks again for the continued support!



P.S. If you do read Boon Dockers please leave a review (good or bad) so that future readers have a better idea of what they are getting. 🙂


  1. Creativity seeps out of your soul, always has, and writing is a great way of sharing a tiny bit of that with the world. I’ve thought for a long time you are the “new” Bill Bryson.

    Keep those books coming, your audience is waiting. xo Dar

    • Thanks Dar! Looking forward to writing the next one on South America xx

  2. Your book Ardun is really worth reading. One of the most interesting. I will publish the interview with you very soon, this month for sure, so people can read about your epic adventures!

    • Thanks Agness! Great to had you liked it and thanks for your support 🙂

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