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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in California, Latest Posts, North America | 4 comments

Even dogs wear pants on Venice Beach


Have you ever seen a dog wearing pants? I mean real pants, like denim. Ones which wrap around the dog’s waist and have rolled cuffs. How about a hoodie? Dogs get cold too you know, although maybe not on Venice Beach in LA.


Best dressed homeless dog



I guess the pants and hoodie on the dog were purely a fashion statement because the day we stepped on to the world’s weirdest beach it wasn’t very cold.

The hipster dog was just the tip of the iceberg when we parked our van and started to walk along this famous beach. Nothing really preares you for Venice. I remember my old man went when he was younger (perhaps in the late 80s) and was astonished to see a large muscly African American man walking his panther. A PANTHER! He told me there was also a rich Hollywood actress who had a cheetah who also frequented the beach.

Nowadays it is unlikely you will find anything this outrageous, but even with these stories I was surprised by what I found down there. Venice was crowded with hippies and homeless people sitting under palm trees, some selling artwork or playing with their clothed dogs.


Venice Beach skate park


One of the coolest skate parks I have seen looked out to the ocean and was full of talent. Nearby some other young hippy types had strung up a tightrope between two palms and were practicing for the next circus to roll in to town (I assume).


Tightrope- Why wouldn’t ya?

Along the main boardwalk ‘Kush Doctors’ selling all kinds of marijuana tried to draw in new customers, alongside clairvoyants and palm readers. Ladies, how about a quick trout pout at ‘Botox by the Beach’? There was the occasional rowdy pub and a few cafes, but when I say cafe don’t think Paris or Rome, think of that corner store in your neighbourhood run by the grumpy old couple.


Yes for my ailments…


It didn’t matter that the coffee was bad, that isn’t why we came to Venice Beach. On our stroll back toward the van we met a young rapper who wanted photos with us in West Coast hand signs and sold me his CD for 4 bucks. Another man spent the afternoon riding up and down the beach with an old school ghetto blaster (you know the type, silver with large circle speakers) pumping out Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye. A few of the homeless men showed they still had their sense of humour, with one offering ‘bad advice’ for a dollar and one dressed up with a top hat and sign claiming to be ‘world’s best wino’.


Mmm… Who wants a trout pout?


Then as we approached the van we found ‘Muscle Beach’ the section which has an outdoor gym where Arnold Schwarzenegger used to train. It was pretty interesting to watch the gorillas in here strutting their stuff in next to nothing, in fact the homeless dog was wearing more than these guys combined. Another man at a nearby shop was wearing nothing but red budgie smugglers (thong for you Americans) and had skin like an overcooked lobster.

Muscle Beach

Artists on Venice. Nice work!



It was quite and experience old Venice Beach and even with the hint of danger, that feeling of ANYTHING could happen at any time, we thoroughly enjoyed it. I might even go as far to say it was my favourite thing about LA.


Is it a man or a lobster?


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  1. Haha what a weird place. I would definitely not trust botox on the beach!

    • Yeah buying weed on the beach is a little suss but botox is going way too far!

    • Nice one Ken, you would have seen some colourful characters in your time then. You didn’t have a big cat did you? 😉

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