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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Guest Interviews, Latest Posts | 11 comments

Guest Interview- Agness & Cez

As I told you guys, there was to be an awesome surprise this week. I was going to make you wait all week but to tell you the truth I couldn’t wait that long so here it is.’s first guest interview!

I’d like to introduce you to two best friends from Poland who spend their days doing what others dream of: TRAVEL!

Agness and Cez are two energetic young travel bloggers who I was fortunate enough to meet early on in my blogging career. Cez in fact helps keep my site up to scratch and helps others do the same at The pair are permanently on the road and have recently been travelling through Asia, although Agness is now exploring more of Europe for the holiday season.  They blog all about their adventures on and share their incredible photography and tips for budget travel.

Agness & Cez have kindly taken the time out for a quick guest interview so let’s see what makes them tick. Welcome guys!


Agness and Cez during their travel to Koh Phangan Island, South-East Thailand

Agness and Cez during their travel to Koh Phangan Island, South-East Thailand


1)   When were you first bitten by the travel bug and where?


Cez: In my case travel bug has a name – Agness – don’t get me wrong, she did not bite me. She just convinced me to go with her to France, Italy, Spain and Egypt. That’s when I started to think about travelling more. Not a long time later I decided that I had enough of my 9-5 job, steady-Eddie life and I was in a need of real adventure. That’s when the bug matured and there was no way back…


Agness: Travelling has always been in my blood. I wanted to explore the world since I was a little kid, but I could not afford it. When I went to the university and got my first part-time job, I was able to save some money and then my real adventures started. My first real travel journey was in August 2011 when I set off to China for 10 months and made me realize travelling is my real passion.


Jumping on the Great Wall of China, Beijing

Jumping on the Great Wall of China, Beijing


2)   What is number one on your bucket list?


Cez: It’s, without a doubt, Antarctica and North Korea. Unfortunately, both destinations are hard to see without substantial damage to the wallet.


Agness: As far as I remember it’s Japan followed by all South- American countries :).


Exploring Sri Lanka on the elephant

Exploring Sri Lanka on the elephant


3)   Tell me about your most memorable travel experience.


Cez: Truly difficult question for anyone who travels. There were so many memorable experiences, of which many could be described as the most memorable, that I don’t believe I could list them all on my own blog.

Nevertheless, I think one comes first to my mind when asked such question. It’s the visit to ZhangJiaJie in China that made me awestruck.


Zhangjiajie Mountains

Zhangjiajie Mountains


Imagine walking on a man-made balcony situated near the top of 800-metre high vertical cliff. Now, take into consideration that I have a considerable fear of heights. Then, suddenly, My foot slips into a hole… I fell only half a metre because it was too small for my body, fortunately. Yes, it was hard for me to breathe for another few minutes.


Agness: For me it’s been every minute spent in Lhasa, the capital city in Tibet. When people heard the first sentence, they always ask “What was so special about Lhasa?” During my whole stay in Lhasa I felt like it was my place on Earth. I felt so connected with everything surrounding me and really would like to settle down here in the future when Tibet eventually gets entirely free. I am interested in Buddhism religion, the scenery was just incredible and people are so hospitable.


Agness trying to overcome her fear of wild animals, Sri Lanka

Agness trying to overcome her fear of wild animals, Sri Lanka


4)   What’s an interesting food you’ve tried lately?


Cez: The list of interesting, or even strange, food I had in the last year is long and includes bugs, exotic fruits and unbelievably good recipes. The latest interesting dish happened to burn my mouth in 4000 Islands (Laos) just a week ago. It’s called Lao curry and surprises with its heat, yet balanced use of ingredients. It’s true that you need to like hot food to enjoy it, but once you do, you’ll fall in love.


Agness: Pad Thai made in Bangkok, lovely! It is a dish of stir-fried rice noodles with eggs/ chicken/ shrimp or fish with some tamarind juice, red chilli pepper garnished with crushed peanuts, garlic, chives, pickled turnip, coriander, lime, spicy chilli oil, chilli powder, vinegar, fish sauce, sugar. Heaven in your mouth!


Interactions with locals are what we love the most when travelling.

Interactions with locals are what we love the most when travelling.


5)   What is your philosophy on life.


Cez: I have a very simple philosophy and seem to voice it to people all the time – “Impossible is nothing”. It has proven true so many times that I stopped doubting even the most bizarre ideas.


Agness: I live by the rule “pack lite, travel far and live long”. My life is so spontaneous and unpredictable, full of amazing people, stories and unforgettable emotions.

Thank you both guys! Stay safe and travel far, we’ll be keeping our eyes on you 🙂


If you want to see more of Cez and Agness and read more about their travels head over to their site



  1. Thank you for having us here Ardun! Reading your articles and working with you is always a pleasure!

    • Of course Cez! Thank you for sharing some of your travel experiences. I look forward to more of them 🙂

    • Excellent Eric! I agree, such generous and friendly people 🙂

  2. Excellent interview buddy 🙂

    • Thanks Khoa, with all that you are unto you may be next my friend 🙂

  3. It’s been a pleasure to be interviewed by you Ardun. I’m so glad we share the same travel passion and pretty the same life philosophy 😉 Greetings from Berlin!

    • Anytime Agness! Enjoy the rest of Europe. Great to have you here 🙂

  4. That is a great interview Ardun with 2 travel bloggers I fully respect. I love the picture of snake charming.

    • Thanks. They are such great bloggers and people aren’t they. That photo is awesome, I can’t believe Agness did that!

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