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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Latest Posts, North America, Texas | 3 comments

San Antonio’s riverwalk


Texas is known for all things big. It is of course the largest state in America and the Texans are proud of it! That doesn’t mean they are a bunch of unsophisticated egomaniacs though, well maybe some of them are. I’ll rephrase, the Texans still have taste and not everything that comes out of the state has to be bigger and better.


River walk


San Antonio’s river walk is a perfect example of the Texans keeping their ego in check and designing something tasteful and useful. Integrated with the city surrounding it, the river lies below street level and has been cleverly designed to give you a feeling like you are in nature rather than a busy city.


Restaurants along the river


The project to create walkways and shops along the San Antonio River began in 1938 and today, the river walk is a main tourist attraction and integral part of the downtown area of the city. The river walk splits off in to different sections and comes alive with bars, restaurants and shops. Surprisingly much of the city noise is not noticed on the river level and with large trees lining the river, many of the buildings go unnoticed too.


River walk


Sections of the river walk lead up to street level and such historical sites as the Alamo and the San Antonio Museum of Art. Another highlight of the river walk is the 5 bells of San Antonio. These bells represent the 5 missions in the San Antonio area including the Alamo and can be seen on foot or in one of the small tour boats which take tourists along the river.


5 bells of San Antonio


  1. Funny that you posted this during thanksgiving weekend because I spent my thanksgiving in san antonio! Awesome shots…especially with the colorful umbrellas.

    • You lucky thing Mei! I was there in 2011 and loved the river walk, such a cool city isn’t it?

      • It sure is! And the best part is all of the awesome food. I’m probably going back in about a month so don’t forget to be jealous again then. đŸ˜›


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