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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Latest Posts, Travel Tips | 8 comments

Trip planning tips- How do you ensure that next trip?


Dream destination sunset


Hi peeps,

So I have a question for you. If you are like me, you love to travel but are not always on the road. You probably have a day job or a high-powered career which sucks most of your time. When you are not flat-out at work, maybe you daydream about your next trip or read a blog post about some incredible far-flung destination you would love to get to ONE DAY!

Then what happens? You get a phone call or have to go in to a meeting, or get distracted in some way. Before you know it, months have gone by and you haven’t been on that trip or even looked into it again. Does this sound familiar? I have done it before. Now my wife and I play a little trick on ourselves to make sure we don’t get caught up and actually go on holiday to that dream destination!

Our trick is this:

As soon as you arrive home from your last holiday, sit down and work out where you want to go next.

Once you decide, book your holidays with your boss.

Thirdly, go to your travel agent and book the plane ticket!

While these steps may seem basic, it is amazing how well they work. Once these things are done, guess what? You’re going on that holiday! There is no chance of getting caught up. No chance of saying I can’t afford it. If the ticket is paid for you are going whether you can afford a large hotel or a backpackers. In the end, you will be in that dream destination and that’s the important thing right?

This is the way I make sure I get to that ‘far flung’ dream destination now and not when I’m 80. So my question to you is:

What tricks or tips do you have to ensure you get to tha next holiday destination and don’t get caught up in the rat race?

Making it to that dream destination!


Also, let me know your next destination. I want to hear all about the next great travel spot!


  1. Where do i want to go next? Hmmm right now i dream of home at Christmas time, with my loved ones! So i ‘ll put that on my traveling schedule! 🙂

    • Nice one, Christmas is the perfect time to spend with family and friends. I think I will be doing the same 🙂

  2. Really great tips for planning your vacation. The sooner you can figure out where you want to go, the more likely you will find better prices for your trip.

    • Thanks Lauren. Yeah don’t like to plan too much but some things are better done in advance like tours. Keeping an eye on flights for a few months prior also helps to find the best price.

  3. Chris and I have regularly used this to ensure we kept seeing new places and can vouch that it really works. We keep a calendar for trips and try to fill in as much of the blank space as possible. Another one is to subscribe to airline websites. This way the specials come to you and you find yourself just booking without all the stress of trying to weigh pros cons etc. You can always find reasons not to travel, so its better to have a ready mindset of you will travel if any thing that looks interesting arrives in your inbox.

    • Hey great tips John. I agree that anything to get you in the mindset where you are thinking about the next trip is going to help.

  4. Great post! We keep a running list of places that we want to go and subscribe to multiple travel sites to watch for fares to drop into our preferred price range. As soon as they do, we book the trip and then plan the details later. This has worked pretty well but spontaneity works even better. Our upcoming trip to Turks & Caicos was booked on the last day of another trip, while we were sitting in the bus station. There’s just no better way to ensure you go places than to book and pay for it when the joy of travel is freshest in your mind.

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