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Posted by on Nov 1, 2013 in Colombia, Latest Posts, South America | 4 comments

Volcan del Lodo El Totumo, Colombia


Leaving Medellín, Colombia we found ourselves sharing a couple of taxis to the airport. This crew were all guests at the Black Sheep Hostel but since Jen and I had been in a private room we had not previously met. Little did we know this group of guys from the UK, US and Ireland would be some of the coolest people we had met on our travels and that we would form the BSG, Black Sheep Gang.

So the BSG were all headed to Cartagena in the north of Colombia by plane as it is cheaper to fly in Colombia than catch a bus, and obviously more comfortable. When we arrived we split to our different hostels and agreed to catch up for dinner and then hang out the following day. On our second day after adjusting to the humid climate we mustered the energy to check out a nearby attraction, a mud volcano.


Volcan del Lodo El Totumo

Jen heads down


Heading about 45mins. out of Cartagena we reached the small mud volcano Volcan del Lodo El Totumo positioned at the edge of a vast lake. We changed into our bathers not really sure of what to expect and climbed the narrow path to the top of the volcano. It was then that we discovered the mud pit, a wood panelled hole full of people and a ladder leading down. One by one we descended into the cool mud where locals would massage us. Funnily enough all the guys in the group were given a quick rub down while the male masseuses took much more care with the ladies making sure they got the full treatment.


Volcan del Lodo El Totumo

Volcan del Lodo El Totumo

Me and Ian


After bobbing around in the bottomless pit of mud we climbed out and headed down to the lake where the local ladies waved us into the water to be washed down. Since Jen and I had each other we told the old ladies we could manage alone. This angered the women and they kept insisting and trying to throw water at us. Jen and I stood our ground much to their disgust and finally escaped not before Jen copped a bucket full of water in the back. After the drama of the old ladies we left the volcano and headed to a beach where we enjoyed whole fish and a swim. When lunch was over we said goodbye to our guide and were taken back to our hostels.


Volcan del Lodo El Totumo

BSG members me, Jen, Ian, Eoin and George. Missing Ryan in the mud somewhere

Volcan del Lodo El Totumo

Mud monsters. Oh theres Ryan, the tall one at the back

Volcan del Lodo El Totumo

Whole fish for lunch doesn’t get better!



Our tour to Volcan del Todo El Totumo was booked through El Viajero Hostel and cost $25 US and included the guide, transport and lunch. Additional costs were $3 a piece for the masseuse, washing ladies and a local to take photos using your camera. Bring a towel or you will be caught out and keep your mouth shut in the mud pit unlike many members of the BSG.


  1. I’ve been following your adventures on Facebook and it’s incredible how much fun you are having in South America. Looks like you have met so many amazing people. This mud bath is just crazy and looks like so much fun, indeed! I wish I had some fish with rice right now :). You both look so happy!! Great to see that!

    • Thanks Agness, we are meeting the best people around. Good food, good company and good experiences! Isn’t that what life is all about?

  2. Is that Ryan or harry from harry & the Henderson’s?

    • Haha yeah John Smith 😉 I think it is Harry from the Hendersons haha

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