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Posted by on Feb 24, 2013 in Weekly Inspiration | 6 comments

Weekly Inspiration #63


Sunday night is weekly inspiration night and this weeks is from the slopes of the Big White Ski Resort just outside Kelowna, B.C. Canada. I remember Canada as a place where I tried so many things for the first time, particularly adventure related things. Snowboarding was one of those things and I’d have to say once I got the hang of it I was addicted! There is nothing like the rush of speeding down an immaculate slope with some of your favourite tunes coming through your headphones. This week’s inspiration simply comes as a reminder that none of us are going to be young forever and it is inevitable that we will become less mobile as the years go by, so why not get out there and do want you want why your body will still let you?

Have a great week friends and welcome to this week’s newcomers. It is a pleasure having you here 🙂


Weekly inspiration #63


  1. Need a place where you can say if you like a publication, without necessarily to comment…..Best regards….greenmike

  2. Nice page indeed. Thanks a lot for having what you’ve got in here. Impressive indeed. We all have our own experiences. It definitely teaches all the lessons we need to learn! Traveling provides an education in life that you cannot obtain in any other way. so keep the travelling, it gets the creative mind flowing!

    • Thanks Andrew, I agree. The lessons I have learned in the real world travelling are far greater than the one’s I learnt in the classroom.

  3. I can totally relate to that adrenaline rush with snowboarding. I never liked the winter season until I started snowboarding more than four years ago. I’ve been hooked since!

    • Same. Snowboarding soon became my favourite sport. I just wish we had more snow in OZ!

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