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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Australia, Australia & Oceania | 4 comments

Welcome to Cottesloe Beach

Sunset on Cottesloe Beach


If there is one thing the people of Perth love more than anything about their city it is the beaches. Too often we as Perthians complain about our city being boring or too small or having nothing to do. We tend to take for granted the nearly year round good weather (mid 20s in winter and high 30s in summer) or great cafe lifestyle.

The great thing about Perth is no matter where you live, a great beach and cafe is never far away. Most suburbs are less than 20 mins. drive from to the beach, which is great compared to other cities. As Australians we have a deep connection to the coast and for me many of my best childhood memories involve the water.


Another great sunset


The other great thing about Perth’s beaches is the sunsets. Many people will argue that the Gold Coast has better beaches, but being on the east coast there is one thing they don’t get, the vanishing sun as it sinks into the Indian Ocean. Here, at Cottesloe Beach south of the city we enjoy brilliant sunsets year round. We sit on the grass or sand around the iconic Indiana Teahouse and just enjoy watching the sun disappear away for another day.


Indiana Tea House

Indiana Tea House


If we feel like it, we head to one of the pubs like the OBH or Cottesloe Hotel to enjoy a pint while watching the sun go down. Others walk their dogs, kids or try to break their personal best with a run along the coast. I like to stop in at Il Lido cafe for a cappuccino then walk barefoot along the lapping waves of the shore.


Watching the sun sink into the Indian


This is the reason we love Perth. We may complain about it being boring or slow-moving compared to Sydney or Melbourne but something keeps us here. I think this is it. I’m looking forward to another summer in my city, soaking up the sun. Enjoy the summer peeps in whatever piece of paradise you happen to call yours.




    • 🙂 Should come and visit Ioanna. My wife and I could host you!

      • Awwww that’s so kind of you! 🙂 I’ll keep that in mind! 🙂

        • Hey no worries, would be great to show you around 🙂

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