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Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in Latest Posts, North America, Wyoming | 0 comments

What the hell is a Prairie Dog?


If you happen to find yourself in an RV road tripping your way across the US like I did, you are guaranteed to stumble upon some incredible and unusual people, towns, natural wonders and ANIMALS! I cannot recall the exact number of wild animals I encountered in the six month journey my wife and I took through Canada and the US, but it was up there with an African safari I’m sure.


Small town in Wyoming


Devil’s Tower


And in this time driving across these beautiful countries, there was perhaps no animal as unusual as the prairie dog. Our location was the state of Wyoming, home of the famous Yellowstone National Park. In fact, we were on our way to Yellowstone and decided to pass by a peculiar natural wonder, the Devil’s Tower.


What the heck is that?


Devil’s Tower has been declared a National Monument and is a bizarre rock rising up from the surrounding prairies of Wyoming. The tower stands at over 1200ft in a one of a kind shape of volcanic rock. The tower has unique ribs making it a perfect challenge for all the rock climbers out there. Upon entering the area (which costs $10 US) climbers can register for a climb. For those of us who are less daring there is a nice hike around the base of the monument where you can keep an eye out for rabbits and birds.

What’s up Doc?

Devil’s Tower


What about the prairie dogs? I hear you say. Well upon entering the monument area, large paddocks of grass hide these interesting little creatures. Keeping your eyes peeled and pulling over before reaching the tower reveals hundreds of these cute animals. The prairie dog looks like a gopher I guess yet it barks like a dog and wags its little tail. My wife was in love with these little guys and they are rather friendly and curious and will come up close. If they are startled they will quickly run back to one of their nearby holes, of which there are hundreds over the paddocks. I imagine they are considered a pest to local farmers but here in the Devil’s Tower Park they are safe.




So if you are heading to Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park remember Devil’s Tower and consider it if you have time. A great little stop.


Lovable little prairie dog

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