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Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Ardun recommends, Bolivia, Latest Posts, South America | 8 comments

Where should you learn Spanish in South America?


Heading to Central or South America for more than a month?

If the answer is yes then it is likely you will be looking to learn Spanish. But where is the best place to learn Spanish in South America?



Looking down on Sucre


Having researched before arriving in Peru a couple of months ago, we narrowed it down to 3 places in South America:

Quito, Ecuador

Cusco, Peru

Sucre, Bolivia


These 3 places are recommended all over the internet and by fellow travellers as the best places to learn, best value for money and most beautiful cities to settle in for a while. While I cannot vouch for Quito just yet (will be exploring there in a few weeks) I can say that Cusco is beautiful and Sucre, well Sucre captured my heart for about 5 weeks!



One of Sucre’s many stunning buildings


After making our way through Peru for one month surviving on the most basic of Spanish (Hasta la vista, Sí and  dondé es el baño?) we thought it was high time we got out butts into a classroom to learn this melodic language, plus my hands were getting tired of the constant gesturing. Since we had already passed though Cusco, and Quito was about 3000 KMs away, we decided on Sucre, Bolivia. Arriving in Sucre after spending some time in La Paz and Salar de Uyuni we were ready to slow things down for a while. Luckily for us Sucre is one of those beautiful looking cities that makes you feel right at home the second you arrive in it.



The churches in Sucre are beautiful.


After a few days soaking up the sun and style of Sucre we said goodbye to our Swiss mates Aldo & Markus (who had been our Spanish translators) and set out to find a school. Sucre has loads of them and all are reasonably priced offering both private classes and groups from around 700- 850 Bolivianos ($100-125 US) for 20 hours of lessons. Most schools run classes for 4 hours per day and alternate from mornings one week to afternoons the next.

Having looked around Jen and I decided on a school ( close to the main square and not far from our hostel “Casarte Takubambas”. It was here that we met an English traveler, Chris who decided to join us for the classes. Little did we know we would be in Sucre studying Spanish for 4 weeks! With such an amazing teacher, Carla, it was hard to leave and in 4 weeks we made many other friends in Sucre and settled into a comfortable routine of studying, gym, cooking and partying on the weekends. Sucre is most definitely Bolivia’s most liveable city in my opinion. After our 4 weeks was over and it was time to move on we found it very difficult to say goodbye to our new friends but felt a lot more confident in our Spanish. Thanks Carla!


The best Spanish teacher in Latin America!

The best Spanish teacher in Latin America!



Why study Spanish in Sucre?

  • Sucre is the most liveable city in Bolivia.
  • The people of Bolivia speak very clearly and slower than other Latin American countries.
  • There are many schools to choose from.
  • Classes are very affordable ($100-125 US per 20 hours)
  • The weather in Sucre is fantastic and sunny.
  • Sucre has many great buildings, churches, bars, restaurants etc.


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  1. Eh, whats wrong with “Donde es el bano?” that seems vital to me! You have sold me on Sucre, it is now on my to do list! Cheers Dar

  2. Suena como que están teniendo un viaje increíble. Espero que la lectura de sus mensajes. Ojalá estuviera en América del Sur.

    • Somos jill! Gracias por el mensaje. ¿Usaste google translate?

  3. Ardun, where are you now, we are in Quito at Hotel Patio Andaluz…. how about a drink? Need to contact on Kens email or here at the hotel, I have everyone here on high alert waiting for your call… soon. Xo Dar

    • Not yet Dar. We just arrived in Banos but may be in Quito when you return around the 20th. xx

  4. I found you through google. I’m currently looking for where in Latin America (preferably South America over Central) I could go to learn Spanish. Love the language and find people from all over Latin America to be amazing!

    Thanks for writing this – and for giving them such a good reference! Will definatly check out further.

    • No problem. The people all over Latin America are beautiful, friendly and helpful. They love it when you try to speak the language as i’m sure is true for most parts of the world. When and where are you headed?

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