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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Canada | 2 comments

Whistler Zip Trekking


Hiking in Whistler, Canada

Trekking through the snow


It may be easy to get caught up in the excitement of skiing or snowboarding this season in Whistler, if you are lucky enough to be there. However, I am here to let you in on another highlight Whistler/ Blackcomb mountains have to offer.

Zip Trekking‘ or ‘Zip Lining’ is an adventure sport which can be found all over the world from New Zealand to Costa Rica and just about any other country you can think of. My first experience of this high flying ride was in Whistler.


Zip lining in Whistler, Canada


Walking through largely untouched forest between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, a small group of us were led  to high tree top platforms. Donning harnesses and helmets, we looked like a bunch of mountain climbers. The only difference was we didn’t have to spend any energy climbing rocks to get our thrills. Instead, we simply hooked up our harnesses to long wire ropes which led us from one mountain to the other. Jumping off the platforms we reached speeds of up to 80km/h and distances of over 400m as we took the flying foxes from one platform to the next.


Zip lining across a creek in Whistler Canada

Jen heading off


Once we reached the other side we were disconnected and continued our hike through the narrow snow filled paths to the next tree top walk. Like big kids playgrounds, these tree top walks were integrated perfectly with the surroundings and many of the platforms were built around large trees and boulders. Suspension bridges led us through moss covered trees and gave us fantastic views of both mountains above and running streams below.


Adventure zip trekking in Whistler, Canada

My first zip line


By the final zip line of five, we were ready for more speed and a few tricks. Jumping from the platform one at a time, we spun around and tried tricks like the upside down starfish (looks like it sounds), heading toward the final platform at about 80km/h. Once there, a great view over the Whistler Village can be found before a short walk back to the Zip Trek office.


Suspension bridges


Whistler is the perfect setting for such an adventure; pristine forest, large snowy mountains and running streams. The trek is open year round and although I did it in winter, the experience was incredible. I’m sure it was just as good as it would be in any other season and the real bonus is that if you live nearby, you could experience it in all seasons.


Cleverly integrated bridges and platforms


Upside down starfish!


Zip Trekking starts at $89 per person at off-peak times and there are many options from Zip Trek. Package tickets can also be purchased which include the Peak2Peak gondola which goes from Whistler to Blackcomb mountains.


  1. Looks a lot fun, Ardun! I’d want to do this just not in a snow. I won’t survive cold places, seriously.

    • Ha Ha I think you’d get used to it mate. Besides you would be having too much fun to worry about the cold 🙂

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